Unite to Defend Democracy and Stop Violent Insurrection and Fascism

Unite to Defend Democracy and Stop Violent Insurrection and Fascism

Build an all-peoples, anti-racist, organized movement to defend US democracy and the peoples’ voice against the fascist threat

The discussion on whether fascism is ripping at the tapestry of US democracy is over.  Together, the people’s forces must set aside differences to unite in concrete action to protect US democracy and ability to develop and thrive as a society.

Insurrectionists answering President Trump’s call to “Stop the Count” put gallows up on the US Capitol grounds, calling for Vice President Pence’s death. Trump supporters in tactical gear invaded the Capital with flex cuffs to seize and kill elected representatives including the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. The Capital was locked down for over four hours in open battle between a violent mob sent by Trump and those committed to protect the Constitutional authority of our electoral process. At the end of this most recent wave of anti-democratic violence, echoing the previous attack on the Michigan State Capital with intent to kill the Democratic governor, at least one insurrectionist said “This is not over yet.”

There are many valid criticisms of the US Constitutional republic, and the global capitalist system of which this republic is a major foundational component, but if democracy is replaced with fascism all avenues for non-violent, peaceful, legal change in the US will be curtailed or gone.  

All democratic forces, unions and community organizations, small farmers and small businesses, migrants and the undocumented, women and men, young and old, Black and Latinx, Asian and white, indigenous, LGBTQ, those with homes and those who are homeless, the sick and the well, all must not just wail about what is happening, but organize to form an unshakable human wall to protect democracy.

Those committed to struggling for social change must stand with those committed to protecting the Constitutional republic in common cause to stop fascism from silencing the peoples’ democratic voice and striving for a more just society.

The Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA calls on all peoples’ and democratic organizations in Indiana to come together and demand Republican Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun judge ex-President Trump on the facts, and stop hiding behind the disgusting, cynical lies that Trump purveys, or procedural and legalistic diversions.  We stand with all the people of Indiana against violent insurrection and fascism.

Contact the Communist Party of Indiana at ebrooks@indianacpusa.org to work with us to build an all peoples anti-racist, anti-fascist movement to protect democracy.

More information about the Communist Party of Indiana is available at http://indianacpusa.org.