Indiana Statehouse Attempts to Silence Indianapolis Tenants, End Local Self-Rule

In a time of extreme unemployment and homelessness due to the pandemic, heartless Indiana State Republicans attack the most vulnerable, pushing through anti-tenant bill Senate Enrolled Act 148.

The Indiana Senate voted Monday, February 8, 2021 to override Gov. Eric Holcomb’s veto of this horrible 2020 bill preventing Indianapolis from regulating relationships between tenants and landlords.

Only eight Republicans joined with Democrats to support Gov. Holcomb’s veto. According to the IndyStar, this signals “a break within the [Republican] party.” Holcomb is a Republican.

The bill “Prohibits a unit of local government from regulating certain aspects of a landlord-tenant relationship with respect to privately owned real property located in the unit unless the regulation is authorized by the general assembly.” This is part of a broader suite of bills aiming to remove local self-government from Democratic majority Indianapolis.

There is still time to stop this undemocratic Republican takeover of Indianapolis landlord/tenant law. A simple majority in the House is required to override Holcomb’s veto before Act 148 can become law. No vote has been scheduled as of yet.

The Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA calls on the people of Indiana to stand for democracy and the protection of the large number of people who have been suffering due to the pandemic with underemployment and unemployment, illness, taking care of sick family members and children forced to stay home from school. The people of Indianapolis will not be silenced in matters of such importance by the legalized usurping of democratic power by the Indiana Senate.

Eric Brooks, Chair of the Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA, asks “everyone to please call their State Representative and demand they reject Senate Enrolled Act 148, and support Gov. Holcomb’s veto of a heartless, inappropriate, bill that threatens to silence the voice of tenants in Indianapolis.”

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