A resource for club educational use from a Marxist/Leninist scientific foundation.

Not all these references are to Marxist/Leninist writers or speakers; some will be from other perspectives and on this list to stimulate discussion. Inclusion in this list doesn’t imply endorsement.

Philosophical foundations to Marxism/Leninism

Archive of eBooks, Print-Ready Books, and Audiobooks of Marx and Engels (marxists.org, printable and viewable

Communist Manifesto

Manifesto of the Communist Party (marxists.org)

Educational PowerPoint Presentations


International Publishers

Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research is an international, movement-driven institution focused on stimulating intellectual debate that serves people’s aspirations.

Regional studies


Claudia de la Cruz; Manolo dos Santos; Vijay Prashad. Viviremos: Venezuela vs. Hybrid War (International Publishers NYC)


John Ross. El Monstruo: Dread and Redemption in Mexico City