IN Attorney General Todd Rokita is wrong, Black Lives Matter everywhere, including in the classroom

The Communist Party of Indiana, CPUSA condemns Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita’s threat to silence Black voices and censor the truth about U.S. history. Mr. Rokita claims that schools should be kept free of “political indoctrination” unless that political indoctrination supports the agenda of the Capitalist class who created their wealth through the genocide of indigenous peoples and the slavery of kidnapped Africans. Indiana schools and teachers have been the target of attacks by Republican Party members for decades. This latest attack on Black Lives Matter is just another straw man argument put forth by an anti-worker political party to silence Black voices and appeal to a narrow, racist base. The Attorney General’s “recommendation” is a challenge to workers and students who are continuing the civil rights struggle in education.

The most radical, dangerous forces of capital with its teeth in the Republican Party, of which Todd Rokita is a part, understand very well that accurate and honest history lessons taught by hard-working, dedicated teachers can and will lead to mobilizing students who will fight for a more just social, legal, and economic system. Black Lives Matter is a multi-racial, working-class movement that demands accountability and action to stop racist police violence, not a political party or organization as Rokita wants to claim. Todd Rokita, who referred to the Covid Pandemic as “the China virus pandemic,”-a racist dog whistle first used by Donald Trump-is working to enforce the white supremacist political agenda of the Republican Party on Indiana’s schools.

Workers, Black, Brown, and White must unite to stop the attack on teachers and the education system as a whole. Email, call, and write to Todd Rokita’s office and let him know that we will not have teachers censored and that history cannot silence Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ voices.
Contact Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita here:
Tel: (317) 232-6201