Healthcare Is A Human Right

The Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA is an integral component of the continuous struggle in the United States for worker power and socialism.

Together, unions and working class communities united in struggle can end racism, achieve universal health care, quality and affordable housing, free education from pre-nursery through post-graduate, and food security. Together, we can build communities where the dignity and respect of all workers is central to life rather than the exploitation and oppression offered by capitalism, marketed as the “American Dream“.

Struggle to meet worker’s subsistence requirements is constant under capitalism, an economic system that rewards exploitation and oppression with massive private profits. Under capitalism every human need is exploited for profit. Every difference between people is exploited to challenge united action to meet human needs.

The Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA struggles to build a community of workers and allies together, a humane and caring movement for a society that puts people before profits, that treats humans with dignity and respect, and where exploitation of humans for private profit is not allowed.

Please join us in the struggle. Join the CPUSA today.


  1. Clyde Crockett

    That demand was directed to Trump , not Pence, How do we contact Pence? His phone is busy.

    Thanks comrade.

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